Meat Cuts


British Beef Cuts Diagram

  • Neck and Clod: Mince and stewing steak
  • Chuck and Blade: Slow roasting joints, braising and casseroles
  • Chuck: Slow roasting joints, braising, casseroles and pasties
  • Fore Rib: Roasting joints and where Ribeye steak comes from
  • Thin Rib: Slow cooked roasting joint
  • Brisket: Slow cooked roasting joint
  • Shin: Slow cooked stews and mince
  • Sirloin: Roasting joints and steak
  • Flank: Mince and skirt for pasties
  • Rump: Steak
  • Silverside: Roasting joints
  • Topside: Roasting joints
  • Thick Flank: Roasting joints
  • Leg: Slow cooked stews


British Lamb Cuts Diagram

  • Scrag End: Slow cooked casseroles
  • Shoulder: Roasting joints and diced in casseroles
  • Best End: Roasting joints, rack of lamb or chops (grilled or bar-b-que)
  • Loin: Roasting joints or chops (grilled or bar-b-que)
  • Breast: Slow cooked roasting joint
  • Chump: Chops (grilled or bar-b-que)
  • Leg: Roasting joints and leg steaks


British Pork Cuts Diagram

  • Head: Used to make brawn and hogs pudding
  • Shoulder: Roasting joints, shoulder steaks, diced for casseroles, spare ribs and used in sausages
  • Blade: Roasting joints
  • Hand: Roasting joints and used in sausages
  • Loin: Roasting joints and chops
  • Belly: Roasting joints, slices (grilled or baked) and used in sausages
  • Leg: Roasting joints
  • Hock: Slow cooked boiling joint
  • Trotter: Slow cooked boiling joint