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Moores Butchers

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Premium roasting joints: Rolled Sirloin and Rolled Rib of Beef are considered by many to be the finest roasting joints.
Both have natural fat around them that create and excellent flavour.
Good all round roasting joints: Topside/Silverside are a lean option that boast great flavour.
Value slow roasting joints: Brisket is a great cheaper cut for long and slow roasting.
Casseroles and pies: Braising or chuck steak, Sliced or our ready trimmed and diced.
Stewing: Shin of Beef, great value, ideal for slow cooking.
Pasty and pie fillings: Skirt, affordable great tasting.


From our own farm reared Cattle, our range of steaks all offer excellent flavour and quality.
Rump: Hung for 4weeks extremely tasty.
Sirloin: very popular, good all-rounder, melts in your mouth.
T-Bone: for the hungrier meat eater.
Rib-eye: nice marbling and fat running through.
Fillet: Very lean perfect for a special occasion.
Beef Burgers: All our burgers are hand-made and very popular.

Beef butchers diagram
  • 1. Neck & Clod
  • 2. Chuck & Blade
  • 3. Fore rib
  • 4. Sirloin
  • 5. Rump
  • 6. Silverside
  • 7. Topside
  • 8. Chuck
  • 9. Thin rib
  • 10. Flank
  • 11. Thick flank
  • 12. Brisket
  • 13. Shin
  • 14. Leg

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